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HP Z4 G4 Workstation

The Z4 is ahead of its time with more standard features than any other single processor HP workstation. With multiple configuration option.  

Experience disruptive price-performance on multi-threaded applications, or combined workflows such as simulation based design, with Intel® Core™ X-Series processors: the high-performance single-socket processors from Intel®

HP Z840 Workstation

A high-end workstation designed to keep up with the biggest of projects, the Z840 delivers outstanding performance, with incredible processing power and professional graphics. A perfect companion for 4k workflow.

HP Z820 Workstation

The ultimate performance for the biggest projects. The Dual Intel 12 Core processor Z820 delivers outstanding performance, and the new range of NVidia Quadro K series graphics cards will optimise visuals, and are fully certified with Avid and Adobe products.

HP Z440 Workstation


Reliability and performance in one package. Four cores of processing power will compliment your Avid Media Composer or Adobe edit suite, and maximise productivity.

HP Z420 Workstation

Performance you want. The Z420 workstation offers Intel Xeon E5-1600 and E5-2600 series processors. With the latest graphics technology, the HP Z420 has the power you need to get the job done. Also introducing Thunderbolt technology for lightning speed data transfer.

Apple Mac Pro Workstation

Engineered for maximum creative performance - lightning quick Thunderbolt 2, new generation 6 Core Xeon Processors and ultra fast memory, this workstation is perfect for 4K video editing, especially when graphics are being powered by the state of the art  AMD Firepro graphics cards.