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Multi-camera recording software with deep Avid Media Composer, Interplay, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple FCP integration.


The revolutionary Quadrus multi-channel recorder software replaces tape, solid state cards, VTRs and disk recorders. It records every feed at the quality and frame rate that you specify and in the format of your choosing. Feeds can be ingested directly onto the SAN, clips checked into Avid Interplay and instantly edited in Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro timeline, even during capture. Quadrus delivers a fast and secure workflow.


Quadrus synchronizes intelligently with the director’s shot selections in real-time. Using a standard keyboard to switch between sources, dynamic camera selections are tracked, tagged and marked on the timeline, while all feeds are captured. The editing process is accelerated; teams can begin post production closely guided by the original vision of the director.


Incoming feeds can be stored in Avid Nexis . However, Quadrus has the flexibility to use other central network attached storage systems, such as systems from EditShare, GB Labs, Sonnet, Small Tree or Studio Network Solutions. With the purchase of a Shared Storage licence (per NAS), Quadrus enables powerful features including Avid project/media sharing capabilities and bin locking. Because Quadrus Ingest has Avid AECIFS and metadata support, feeds can be checked into Interplay for facility-wide asset management, FrameChase editing is enabled in Avid Media Composer and Newscutter, and Apple Final Cut.


A single powerful workstation can record video signals from multiple sources using Quadrus Ingest Machine. It can capture incoming signals, Avid DNxHD, ProRes, DVCProHD or MPEG IMX (MPEG-2 50Mb/s) files to be shared on local or networked storage. Feeds can be recorded at various bitrates (up-to master quality) as MXFcompatible files; a secondary proxy version can also be produced.

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