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In a world where content is king, you need to be its ruler. Being able to find, share, and protect your irreplaceable media—and deliver on schedule—is critical to your success. Avid NEXIS | PRO intelligent storage can help you and your creative team complete projects faster together. At a price that’s easy on any small company’s wallet.


The available capacities for the Avid Nexis Pro's are 20TB, 40TB and 100TB un-raided.

Store media and stay connected with the
NEXIS | E4 120TB 20-Bay Integrated Storage Engine with ExpertPlus and Hardware Support from Avid. Designed for medium- and large-sized media storage applications, this 20-Bay engine features 6TB HDDs for a total storage space of 120TB. A further two hot-swappable SSDs provide storage for system data and metadata as well as parity, ensuring data remains safe in the event of a drive failure. This network-attached storage solution is also capable of handling up to 40 active Gigabit clients at once. Small production team? The E4 scales with less clients too, offering support for four 10Gb connections or a single 40Gb connection.

The latest addition our Nexis fleet is the  Avid NEXIS® | F2 - it is a high-density, disk-based nearline storage system that provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production. It offers highly scalable, multilevel protected storage, making it easy to access, preview, and restore content for reuse. 

  • The E4 is available to hire at 120TB 

  • The E2 is available to hire at 40TB, 60TB & 100TB

  • The E5 is available to hire at 240TB

  • The F2 is available to hire at 60TB



The QNAP server offers reliable, scale-able and unbeatable unified and tiered storage solutions for shared storage and expansion.

The capacities for the QNAP's are 96TB, 120TB and 250TB unraided.


It features a 12-bay 12Gbps SAS-enabled high-performance NAS/iSCSI/IP-SAN unified storage with dual built-in 10GbE ports.


The 10GbE ports make the QNAP a highly efficient shared storage solution for high end video editing workflows. Performance speeds of 1000MB/s coupled with the high storage capacity make it perfect for clients wanting to work with  HD and 4K media with high stability and reliability.



XStream EFS 300 is scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare File System-based storage in configurations that meet the performance and capacity requirements of the largest post-production environments. Starting with a single server the XStream EFS 300 can be expanded to a 5PB resilient Enterprise cluster, providing a powerful, scale-out solution that will never require a forklift upgrade. Plus with the included ‘All-in-One’ upgrade, the XStream EFS 300 provides a complete media production platform with integrated Flow production asset management and workflow tools.


G-RAID with Thunderbolt is a high-performance, removable dual 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drive storage system featuring both Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 connectivity. For ultimate flexibility, choose between hardware RAID 0, 1 or JBOD to quickly access, browse, edit and back-up your digital library.

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