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Las Vegas- NAB Show April 2018

Las Vegas- NAB Show featured breakthrough technologies and innovations across the media, entertainment and technology. New horizon’s for avid their latest slogan with some news just announced a new addition to the Avid Nexis family.

Introducing the Avid NEXIS E5 NL , a high-density nearline storage system that expedites access to archived media. It provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production for repurposing and reuse, to maximise the value of your media. It offers scalable, multilevel protected storage on-premises with integrated media management, making it easy to access, preview, and restore assets and projects, browse proxies of archived material, and stage upcoming projects and events quickly—all at an affordable price.

Streamline your media production workflow

Forget having to wait while pulling media from tape. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL gives broadcast teams faster access to archived media, enabling you to quickly browse, search and shot-select proxies of the high-resolution assets on tape. This eliminates the need to restore large amounts of high-res material just to search for the ideal clip as the news cycle changes. Put together a rough-cut sequence using the proxy instantly available on Avid NEXIS | E5 NL and kick off a selected, faster restore from tape of only the required clips. In a pinch, you can go to air with the proxy if all the high-res assets are not restored. This enables you to get on air first with the best story possible.

Las Vegas- NAB Show April 2018

Quadrus Technology

Ingest Machine is a powerful and flexible multi-channel, multi-format recording software.It can capture multiple SD/HD-SDI streams from live or deck sources directly to the Avid NEXIS and check-in to the Avid Interplay.Ingest Machine supports such innovative capabilities as scheduled capture, optional fallback storage and multi-camera control. Media Ingest is a “one click” tool to move your media and metadata to Avid Unity ISIS and check in to Avid Interplay.Media Ingest product has number of innovations, such as creation of Avid sequence on the fly and generation of proxy files.

Quadrus Archive is an easy-to-use software for archiving, consolidating and restoring complete Avid Media Composer projects and all their associated files including: Bins, Sequences, Media Files, Attics, Settings. It is an ideal tool to organize Avid Project life cycle. It can also be used to take Avid Media Composer Project off site and merge changed files after editing.

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