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Help! My house is haunted. UK TV Really 2019

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Help! My house is haunted. UK TV Really 2019 A trio of paranormal activity investigators are back for a second series and are on the hunt for the most haunted houses around Europe! Working with production team at back 2 back productions the hiring post provided an array of kit including the latest multi-channel live Quadrus ingest system connected to several marshall CV502-WPM broadcast cameras with all material saved on the latest Avid Nexis Pro. All the kit was pre-built by the Hiring Post tech staff and fully installed with on-going tech support over the event. The show will be presented by three paranormal activity experts including Jayne Harris, Barri Ghai and Chris Fleming with many years’ experience between them.

The first show will be broadcast on Thursday 7th November 2019 and will run until January 2020.

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